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Our Promise to the Environment

PRINT - It might not seem like an obvious way to support trees, woods and the environment, however we have teamed up with Premier Paper and the Woodland Trust and joined the Carbon Capture programme.

The Carbon Capture programme mitigates CO2 emissions by planting trees in certified Woodland Carbon sites right here in the UK.

The benefits to the environment by planting trees are numerous and are beneficial to us all right now and for future generations to come. These include providing a sustainable source of low-carbon fuel, improving air and water quality and preventing soil erosion, along with new habitats for woodland wildlife to flourish.

So far 56,938 tonnes of carbon have been captured through the programme. That's as heavy as 11,000 Elephants or 11.3 billion sheets of A4 paper!

If you wish to use our Carbon capture logo on your printed items let us know & we will email you the artwork in the format you require.